Projects of Brian Smiley

These projects are from Brian Smiley of Burlington, Ontario, Canada.





"This jewelery box is made of mahogany and finished with a wipe on poly and then waxed to achieve a nice satin finish."





"This is a hall table that was originally a large dining room table that was thrown out. Its made from maple, butcher block style. I had enough to make a lower shelf, as well as the little box."





"My sweetie's mother needed a place to store her knitting & crossword books. She also needed a stool to rest her legs. So I made this ottoman out of scraps of oak and maple. Added casters, and a matching pillow-top, and VOILA!!! Boy, did I earn a lot of points for this one!!"


"I was looking to make a couple of gifts for family, that would be useful, as well as inexpensive to make.  Here is a trivet/hot plate made from a couple pieces of oak.  I routed out the middle to accommodate a section of tile. I purchased the tile in a small strip from Home Depot. They were a big hit with the recipients."



"This is a custom made side table that my sweetie needed for the end of the couch. I laminated the top 1" thick, butcher block style, and made the sides into a magazine holder. Finished it all off with 6 coats of Danish Oil.

Completely made from scraps of oak fished out of recycling bins at a local stair-making company."





"My sweetie and I saw some old painted tables and chairs being sold at a church garage sale for less than $100.00. We purchased 2 tables and 6 chairs. We stripped off the paint to find some terrific Italian Maple with the original stamp from Italy...what a treat!! Then cut one table top in half in order to make a couple extensions...table expands to 6 feet now. Stained it and used a wipe-on poly (5 coats)"



"I am a fair-weather woodworker who has a 4x10 ft. shed in Burlington, Ontario. I have my tablesaw on wheels, which I wheel out onto the patio to practice my craft. (Only on clear days, but I can be seen even on winter days) I just add another sweater, haha."



"I just got a digital camera, so here is the first picture of a mantle clock I made for Xmas last year. It's made from oak, maple and walnut scraps."





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