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Grampa's Workshop is presented mainly for the new and intermediate level woodworker. Don't miss "The U-Made-It Gallery" and the "My Projects" pages currently with over 1,200 project photos between them! Put your feet up and stay a while as we checkout the pages of the workshop.

Hi. My name is Don Firth and I'm Grampa... Welcome to the workshop!!!

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My Projects (& how I made them)
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The U-Made-It Gallery
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You'll find tips on woodworking techniques, some of our projects, plans, finishing ideas, and some info on the various tools which you should probably include in your workshop.

Be sure to have a look at the "My Projects (and how I made them)" section, and also check out "The U-Made-It Gallery", the largest Visitor's Woodworking Project Gallery on the WEB. See our visitor's projects and if you like, we'll start a page for you too, where you can post some of your projects for others to see! 

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