The holidays are almost upon us, and I thought the January 1st project should come a little bit early, in case you felt in the mood to make it to use on New Years Eve. What better project for New Years, than a nice set of coasters for your entertaining, to help ring in the New Millenium. This set of coasters is both quick and easy and you and your guests will be able to enjoy them on this momentus occasion and many more to come.



If you're a new woodworker and are looking for a project to complete early in your new hobby, here's a nice project, from which you'll get lots of use, and of which you can be proud. It's a TV, VCR & CD remote control holder which will keep all those pesky remotes in one place, and ready for your next bout of channel surfing or other enjoyment. Have a look at this attractive and functional project.



Here's another easy project for the person new to woodworking. It's a footstool which you can basically design for yourself, to your own specifications. This one is made from scraps from my toystove project (in Group #1), and it's functional, attractive and strong. It goes together quickly and uses a few common techniques which help to dress it up a bit. I'll show you some of the design tricks I used, as well as some techniques which are perhaps new to you. Take a look at this one.



This child's dog pull toy will be a favourite of it's recipient because it always obeys it's new owner, and this little dog will follow them wherever they go.




Not being happy with the old fashioned doors in our home, we decided to do something about it. Have a look at our before and after photos. I was a bit concerned about doing this, but the results were fantastic! If you've been thinking of doing this too, this may be what you've been looking for.




In a recent Lee Valley catalogue, they published the plans for this nice small trinket box which is made primarily with your router. Of course it's pieces are cut out using your tablesaw, but the fitting of the lid is done with your router. By careful placement of routed grooves on the inside of the sides prior to assembly, and on the outside of the sides of the assembled box, your lid will fit perfectly.

Have a look at this easy to make and very attractive small box.



This is a miniature shed to be used in a nativity scene, which I made for my daughter Andi's birthday which is in October. That will give her lots of time to apply a finish of her choice and decorate it in lots of time for Christmas. In case anyone else is looking for ideas for a similar project, I'm including it on my site now.

Whether or not you're thinking of making one, have alook. I think you'll find it interesting.



After receiving a number of inquiries requesting details on my routertable, it seemed a page on it might be in order. It's quite easy to make your own. By purchasing this routertable top, which is readily available in most locations or over the internet, and then making a simple base for it, you can quickly have your own basic yet quite efficient routertable. If you think this might be what you're after, click on the photo to the left.




Here's a quick and easy project that children will have a ball playing with. This one is fast, inexpensive and easy,,, and is perfect for that one extra gift you need for Christmas, for that young person on your list. HO HO HO!!!



This is a table which I recently made for our recroom. It was made to go between the 2 chairs where my wife and I sit - it has access from both sides. It has a rack on the front for the various remotes we have and a rack on the other end to neatly store and keep at hand the most recent newspaper. It's made from 3/4" oak veneer plywood and solid oak. To see a more complete description and larger pictures, click on the photo to the left.





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