From the April '98 issue of WOOD Magazine, comes this very attractive and useful accessory for your computer desk. They call it a Multimedia Storage Tower and it is just that. It holds 10 of your most used computer CD's and in a compartment located at top of the unit, it holds 15 or more 3 1/2" floppies.

This unit allows you to store all of these items neatly and attractively, and to rid yourself of those piles of CD's and floppies, we all have on our computer tables.



This easy-to-build, very sturdy bench is totally customizable to fit any number of needs, in your shop, gardening area or around your barbeque. It can be made to any length you desire to fit any space, large or small. It can be made to just the right height for you, to take the strain off of your back while you work. It's made from 2 x 6's and it's VERY INEXPENSIVE. If you like, the top can be made of 3/4" plywood for a great shop workbench or assembly table.



Here's a nice arbor project that looks great in your yard, and is also very easy-to-build, AND it also can save on your pocket book! This one too, is totally customizable to your preference, and may just give you some ideas for a project you can make easily, inexpensively, and exactly to your liking. It can be done in a few hours with a minimum of tools.



This handy holder for your palm sander makes sanding small or delicate pieces for projects a breeze! When I saw it in one of the popular woodworking magazines, I just knew it would make my life a lot easier, so I set out to make it. Mount your palm sander in it in seconds, and when you're done, remove your sander and hang the assembly on pegboard for storage till you need it again. Check out how easily it can be made.



Gluing up boards edge-to-edge, is a way of using off-cuts and scrap wood to create beautiful edge-to-edge glued up project stock. In some applications, you may find the "glued up look" more appealing than a single piece of stock. Here's the easy way I did mine, and a completed project totally made from reclaimed stock to prove my point. I had done none of this before, and like I always say, if I can do it, anybody can! Try it, you'll like it!



Finally,,,,, I made that spice rack which I mentioned, on one of my pages. It's custom designed to fill a particular space in our kitchen and it's made from some more of those reclaimed oak boards, which I made my CD case from. My brother-in-law found it at a demolition site of a bar, which he came across in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. This is an easy project which you can make up quickly for yourself, or as a really nice, usefull gift for a friend.



Here's an easy project for the new woodworker which is also very attractive. It's a functional desk sign which can be used for just about any purpose, be it in your office or on any desk anywhere. I used my router and table saw to make this one, but modifications can be made to make this project, with the simplest of tools. Give it some stain and a nice finish and everyone will know where they've arrived.




Here's a great project for the younger members of your family to enjoy using. It's an easy to build Seated Rocking Horse that they can't fall off of, because they sit in it. It's strong enough to carry it's maker and makes a great sturdy toy for passing many a happy moment. With just a jig saw you can easily cutout the 2 matching stallions, and in a few hours of work, your little cowboy/cowgirl will be safely riding the range.




This project is a quick yet very useful project, which recipients will love as they open that "last second Christmas gift?" You'll want to make 2, because you'll quickly see the benefits to this great kitchen helper. Say goodbye to oven mitts! Use this easy versatile tool to move everything from oven-hot muffin trays right down to pizzas.



This Tic Tac Toe game project is a great way to get your feet wet in learning and perfecting your inlay technique. This easy yet very attractive project can also be a great gift for any children you may know or have in your family.




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